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Our Story

All Because Two People Fell in Love...

Josh + Hilary Wedding

It started with a wedding: We love weddings, obviously. We love making them uniquely handcrafted, memorable and personal. But we didn't always know we loved this...The seeds of Bleu de Toi started with our own wedding and the DIY-goodness we learned while planning it in 2009. A few short months after we said "I do", we started selling our original drawings on etsy.

In the past 7 years, BDT Handmade has grown from selling a few drawings, to providing simple and beautiful keepsakes for all types of major life events. The birth of our son in 2012, and our since growing family, have inspired even more products geared toward recording family gatherings and turning those moments into memorable artwork.

Bleu de Toi has been crafting hand-drawn guestbook fingerprint tree designs (and more) for weddings and events worldwide since March 2010. We are the originators of these unique designs and carry the widest variety of trees, balloons and more. We love working on fully custom designs, too, and can do many of our current designs in a variety of sizes for your event! Please contact us with your ideas or for custom additions and we will see if it can be done. We hope that these products will bring a little homemade sunshine to any special event you have and leave warm memories for every day thereafter.

Behind the Name

Bleu de Toi is a French phrase that generally means "crazy for you" or "blue over you". It doesn't directly translate to English, but we love the sentiment behind it. Many years ago Hilary, our head artist and founder, was studying in Lyon, France and our company is named after her favorite restaurant and hang-out there. A little romantic, don't you think? We have noticed that the name may be a little hard to say... and even harder to spell. We refer to ourselves as BDT in much of our communication. We hope you will too, but now you know the story.

Meet the Team


HILARY: Formally trained as a painter, with her MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, our co-founder, head artist, designer, production manager and CEO runs the show, from sales and shipping to trouble shooting and Instagram. But what she really loves is creating new designs for our ever-expanding collection.


JOSHUA: This co-founder is a college art professor and professional fine artist, specializing in photography and painting. Josh oversees shipping, product photography, quality control and uses his critical eye to make sure everything we make is well-crafted and unique, when hes not teaching, hanging an art exhibition at The Yes Factory or painting. Josh has his MFA in Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University.

SHEA: As our marketing specialist, sales manager and production assistant, Shea ensures that everything gets made to your personalized specifications and answers your questions. She uses her skilled eye to stage photoshoots, displays and ads. Shea previously ran her own highly successful children's apparel embroidery company for 5 years before selling it to spend more time with her kids. She is a wealth of ideas for all of our school based, kids party, home decor and also specializes in hand painted lettering.
CAROL: As our veteran customer service rep, Carol knows how to answer just about any question that might come up in relation to fingerprint guestbooks and more. By day, she is an Elementary School Educator and has planned both her daughters' weddings with style. She mostly works in etsy, but an email from her is sure to make your day.


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