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Damaged Guest Book Reproduction

We would like to think that all guests at your wedding will be perfectly behaved angels, or that the fingerprint guestbook is foolproof against any future mishaps. But, in reality, accidents happen: a drink gets spilled, some ink gets smudged, a corner gets torn, or a certain guest gets a little too creative. If that happens, we offer a repair service in which you send us back the original damaged art. We will professionally scan the piece, remaking the damaged elements and preserving the most important parts: the fingerprints and signatures of loved ones. We then thoughtfully reproduce the poster on the same fine art paper as the original and match the color so that you will never be able to tell it’s a reprint.
Rest at ease knowing your guestbook can always be fixed! The service is $35.00, plus the cost of return shipping. (Prices may vary for international customers). If you think you might need this, please contact us with a snapshot of the original and we will give you instructions to ship it back to us for editing.



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